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History of Salt

Kids Learning

History of Salt For most of us today salt is just another condiment. But historically, the innocuous looking white granular substance we know today as “salt” has been essential to life in many ways. Chemically, salt is a mineral called “Sodium Chloride” (NaCl). Commonly called edible salt, table salt or just salt, it is one […]

History of Chocolate

Kids Learning

Chocolate through the years The story of chocolate began with the discovery of America. Till 1492, world knew nothing at all about the delicious and stimulating flavour that has today become the favourite of millions. You guessed it; we are talking about chocolates. Spain was the first to get the whiff of it. The court […]

Rain and Floods

Kids Learning

Rain and Floods How does rain form? Water droplets form from warm air. As the warm air rises in the sky it cools. Water vapor (invisible water in the air) always exists in our air. Warm air holds quite a bit of water. For example, in the summer it is usually very humid. When enough […]

What does our tri-colour stand for?

Kids Learning

What does our tri-colour stand for? Like our country, our national flag also has a history. Let us salute the flag. Our tri-colour flag was born on July 22, 1947 in the Constituent Assembly, a few days before the country gained Independence. Our flag has three stripes of equal width, the top being saffron (kesari), […]

The Postal System

Kids Learning

The Postal System How does mail reach from one place to another? Have you ever thought how a letter travels thousands of miles before reaching its final destination? This journey covered by a letter is extremely fascinating .So read on to know more about the process through which we receive a letter sent to us. […]

The digestive process

Kids Learning

The digestive process – what you eat and where it goes? Have you ever thought about how the meals you eat provide energy? It’s lunch break in school. You are sitting with your friends and enjoying the tiffin packed by your mom. A few idlis, chicken sandwiches or fruits – by the time you finish […]

Did you know who was the first Indian female graduate?

Kids Learning

Did you know who was the first Indian female graduate? Girls often surpass boys in school examinations. They also excel in the field of sports and performing arts. But, here we tell you about a period in the history of pre-Independent India when girls were not even allowed inside schools and colleges. Parents in India […]

What is snow

Kids Learning

Snow Ice and snow are both frozen states of water. But while ice is transparent, snow is absolutely white. Why is this? Read on. Much of the fascination about snow is because of its milky white color. The sense of beauty and purity exuded by the snow layered terrains is mesmerizing. The term ‘snowhite’ is […]

Hard or Soft water

Kids Learning

How can we find out whether the water at home is hard or soft? What do these terms mean, anyway? Find out, through some simple and interesting activities. If you are a keen observer, you must have noticed that you require more or less shampoo than usual when you travel to some other part of […]


Kids Learning

Stomach Stomach Our stomach is a fascinating part of our body. Learn about the way it works. How come the stomach digests everything that we eat, but it does not digest itself? Luckily for us, a living stomach has ways to protect itself from itself! To carry it through a day’s meals, the stomach produces […]

All about Silk

Kids Learning

All about Silk Natural silk has its own irresistible charm. We know that silk comes from the silkworm. Read on to find out more. Have you ever dreamed of wearing those beautiful silk sarees in mummy’s cupboard? Whenever mummy wears them, doesn’t she look beautiful and elegant? There are so many varieties of man made […]

All about Lotus

Kids Learning

All about Lotus A symbol of purity, fertility, eternity and the divine seat of the goddess Lakshmi, the lotus is also the National Flower of India. Here’s why this flower is so pure. In India, the lotus is considered as a sacred flower and a lot of folklore and religious mythology is woven around it. […]

Quick Table of Multiples

Kids Learning

Quick Table of Multiples [Multiple of 2] If the last figure of a number is even, then the number is a multiple of 2. [Multiple of 3] If the sum of every figure is a multiple of 3, then the number is a multiple of 3. (Example) 8262; because 8+2+6+2=18 is a multiple of 3, […]

Mental calculation technique

Kids Learning

Mental calculation technique Mental calculation technique Example Mental calculation Reason 398*4 1600-8=1592 398*4=(400-2)*4 =400*4-2*4 =1600-8 240*5 120*10 divide by 2 and multiply by 10 240*5=240*10/2 =(240/2)*10 =120*10 320/5 640/10 multiply by 2 and divide by 10 320/5=320/(10/2) =(320*2)/10 =640/10 760*200 76*2*2000 calculate 76*2 and multiply by 1000 760*200=76*10*2*100 =76*2*1000 12*25 3*100 divide by 4 and […]

Portal Software

Kids Learning

Portal Software Let me write about some IT stuff here today. May be its useful for teens visiting this site. As you all know IT has taken over most of the businesses and drive most of the things in our day to day lives. Nowadays the websites are driven by content management system (CMS). Content […]


Kids Learning

Dinosaurs! Do you remember the dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park movies? The dinosaurs in the movies are pure fantasy. Of course they are not real. But they used to live in real, ages ago. The movies related to these extinct creatures are a good combination of science and art. The famous director Steven Spielberg and […]

Energy Conservation

Kids Learning

Energy Conservation Day by day the consumption of natural resources like wood, coal, natural gas, diesel, paper and leather, are increasing. There is a possibility of these natural resources to exhaust sooner than expected. Energy conservation is the only solution to this problem. There are lots of ways to conserve energy; you just have to […]

The First Day In College

Kids Learning

The first day of college is when there is nervous excitement in the air. The first day generally finds small groups of boys and girls wandering around the campus, trying to look assured and important but end up looking slightly bewildered at this rush of activity completing admission formalities and discovering the location of various […]


Kids Learning

Volcanoes, one of the natural calamities with its destructive forces can destroy a large part of the earth with the eruptions of liquid boiling lava. Though volcanoes are rarely minor incidents of geology in action as per the geologists but can take a heavy toll from the lives that survive in the are where the […]

Inventors And Inventions

Kids Learning

ADHESIVE TAPE Richard G. Drew (1899-1980) invented masking tape and clear adhesive tape (also called cellophane tape or Scotch tape). Drew was an engineer for the 3M company (the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing). Drew’s first tape invention was a masking tape made for painters in 1923 (this tape was designed to help painters paint a […]

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