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Five Must Have Bottom Wear for Girls – Bottom Wear Basics

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Girls look amazing in anything they wear. That doesn’t mean you have to shop tons of new clothes every year. If you can invest in some good bottom wear, they can go a long way. You can create multiple looks by switching tops. Here is a list of five must have bottom wear for girls. Check it out!

List of Five Must Have Bottom Wear for Girls

girls bottom wear


Let’s begin with the most common and basic bottom wear option for everyone, let alone little girls – jeans. A good pair of jeans is a great investment in the long run and it barely ever goes wrong with anything. While picking jeans for girls, make sure it is extremely comfortable. Do not go for super skinny fits. Girls grow up really fast, you must be aware of that. Strike the right balance between fit and comfort. Flared jeans are great for kids as they have the aspects of style and comfort both in one. So jeans are the first one among five must have bottom wear for girls.


Well, some children are not very comfortable in denims. Denims lack the light and comfort aspect and not everyone finds them comfortable. If you want to switch to the lighter side of pants, go for cargo pants. Cargo pants are amazing for kids, both boys and girls. They’re comfortable, their style is very likeable for kids, and they are easy to wash after a long day of play. It’s a win-win for both parents and kids.

A-line skirts

Skirts look amazing on little girls. Mini, midi, maxi, skirts of any length bring out the best in girls. They look great on girls of all age groups. When you’re in doubt, just go with skirts. They’re elegant, stylish and always in trend. Instead of bodycon ones, go with A-line skirts that have a good amount of comfort and style to them. You can go with multiple fabrics and  patterns – denim, sequin, floral, striped, embellished, etc.

Tulle skirts

Tulle skirts are elegant, beautiful and can make any girl look like a fairytale princess. They definitely should be one among the top five must have bottom wear for girls. Tulle skirts come in all the lengths- mini, midi, and maxi. Midi and maxi length ones are particularly great for grand occasions and events. They add grace with the sheer fabric and delicate embellishments making it a perfect choice for all special occasions.

Printed leggings

Leggings are a great choice for those who are not a fan of jeans. For regular wear, printed leggings make a good option for girls. You can pair them with graphic tees, solid colored tops, camisoles, etc. Leggings have the fit, comfort and are trendy as well. There are a lot of customized prints and patterns available nowadays. Get the ones your little girl likes the most.

These are the top five must have bottom wear for girls. You can buy these here. When we are going for kids’ shopping, the first and foremost thing to keep in mind is comfort. That comes above all. Kids are easily irritable and have sensitive skin, make sure you are picking the right clothes for them, always.

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