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Qiyara Sharma

620 total views, 2 today

Qiyara Sharma

More about Qiyara Sharma

  • Qiyara Sharma
  • Age: Less than 1 year
  • Height: Crawler
  • Name of your School: None
  • Interested in: Print ads, TV ads, Fashion shows, TV serials, Movies, Modelling events and Competitions
  • City: Delhi (NCR)


Qiyara is 7 months old and like the meaning of her name she is very pretty.

Although for all the parents their own child is the most beautiful and we are no different, however, we have noticed that every single time when we go out for shopping or groceries etc., random people on the streets, malls, stores find it difficult to resist looking at our daughter Qiyara, so many of them randomly come to her, smile to her and give heart touching compliments about how extraordinarily beautiful and cute she is.

I feel there cannot be a better introduction that this but still would like to highlight a few other things about her to adore –

1. She stares at the camera when we click her pictures
2. Qiyara smiles back when we smile to her
3. She makes good eye contact
4. Quoting her doctor, she is a healthy kid
5. Makes conscious efforts to bring her neck up from
our laps and actively moves her arms and legs when
feels playful

Note – I am attaching the screenshots of my daughter’s pictures due to photo size limit of 1 MB.

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620 total views, 2 today



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