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How to Improve Self-esteem and Confidence in Children


Building self-esteem and confidence in children is very essential to build a strong personality. It gives them strength to venture into new areas without the fear of failing. Self-esteem is something you can always cultivate and enhance with practice. Here are few was you can to build confidence in children. Scroll to know more!

Ways to Improve Confidence in Children

You don’t have to get all worked up and follow strict rules in order to improve your kid’s self-esteem. It’s the simple daily habits and actions that matter. The way you respond to what they do is what can bring the required change. Here are some ways to do the same.

Be Confident Yourself

Boost confidence in kids

Children learn a lot by observing you and your actions. They see how you are responding to various situations and how you are handling your hurdles. They notice and try to reciprocate the same. So if you want to build confidence in children, be mindful of your actions. Own your weakness and accept them instead of covering up them to come off strong. This way your child acknowledges his/her weakness. They understand that having weaknesses is okay and that can be worked on instead of wanting to cover them up.

Give Genuine Compliments

As parents, is natural that you want your little munchkin to compliment for every little thing whether or not it’s a hit. But you have to understand that kids do recognize if the compliments you are giving are genuine or not. They know if you are saying just for the sake of it. Avoid doing that. When they perform bad in something tell them it’s okay and what part you liked about it rather than praising them that it was wonderful. This way they understand that failure is a part of growth and there’s always more to learn in order to perform better.

Assign chores to Build Confidence in Children

You may not want to trouble your kids with home related chores, but it only helps them grow. Being aware of home related work is very necessary for kids. Assign age-appropriate chores for them and let them help you. Assign simple tasks such as folding laundry, arranging bookshelves, watering plants, etc. Do it along with them and talk to them about the importance of the work they are doing. Appreciate them for finishing the work. This develops qualities such as teamwork and inclusion. They feel confident and accomplished when they finish the works.

Focus on Their Efforts

Instead of stressing on the results, focus on their journey. If they did not reach the expectations, do not make them feel bad or guilty about it. Let them know that their efforts are valued and that this experience is going to help them the next time. Do not react harshly to their mistakes. Children are fragile beings. Your moment of anger can make them feel unloved. Patiently let them know where they went wrong and how you can together improve that area.

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Stop Comparing With Others

Comparison happens naturally within the same age group. But do not let them know that you feel they are less capable than someone else. This only sabotages their confidence. If they are bad at something and someone is good it at and vice-versa, tell them to share their skills and work together. Comparison takes us nowhere.

These are some tips to build self-esteem and confidence in children. Always act patiently with kids and be careful when you are around them. They notice all your actions. The better parent you are, the better kids they become. Spending quality time with kids is the best way to know them and their behavior.

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