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Wedding Dressing for Kids : 5 Simple Tips & Ideas


Weddings get us all hyped up with new dazzling outfits, matching jewellery, killer shoes and what not. But with all the buzz, often times we forget that our children need to dress perfect for the weddings too. Choosing outfits for children can be quite a task. Especially for occasions like weddings where you have to keep up with the theme as well. Here are some simple tips and ideas to make wedding dressing for kids easy. 

Wedding Dressing for Kids: Things to Keep in Mind

1. Comfort First

Children have toggling moods and they can be easily annoyed when they are not in their comfort zone. While choosing wedding dressing for kids, first thing to keep in mind is comfort. Everything else goes next. As much as you want them to look adorable and pretty, you should slow down and think about the comfort factor. Will they be comfortable in the outfit? Is the material breathable? Does it cause skin rashes? These are the first few things to ask yourselves before buying the outfits. 

2. Keep it Light 

As much as you do not want it, running around in the event space, playing with other kids, stumbling multiple times on floor, this is what kids do. You cannot help it. What you can do is choose an outfit that doesn’t weigh them down. Make sure they have all the fun they want cause kids are happiest when they are free. Avoid heavy outfits and stick to the light and easy ones.  

3. Spend Wisely

You all surely want your child to wear designer clothes for a grand occasion like wedding. But you have to see beyond the tags. Kids grow up very quickly and the size you get today may not fit them 6 months later. In that case, it is a total waste of money. Keep that in mind while shopping for them. Make sure the outfit you choose fits them well few months into the present as well. After all, no one wants to spend huge amounts of money on clothes that stay in closet for decades. 

Wedding Dressing for Kids: Outfit Ideas

Planning wedding dressing for kids is not that hard if you pay attention to some details. Here are few tips, ideas and suggestions for the same. Check them out!

  • Bright Colors – Always go with bright colors like pink, orange, green and yellow. They look amazing on kids. For night events, wine red, teal, sequins work great. 
  • Accessorize – Adding additional accessories like headbands for girls and bow tie bow tie for boys always complements the outfit. 
  • Comfortable footwear – For girls, instead of heels, go for ballerinas which is way more comfortable. For boys, shoes or sandals of any kind work great. 
  • Eyewear – Glasses add a cute twist to their wedding outfits. Choose colored eyewear to match their outfit. They look amazing for pictures as well. 
  • Minimal makeup – Do not over do make up. Keep it as subtle as possible. Kids are adorable as they are. The lesser makeup, the real and prettier they look. 
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