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How to become a model

Watch this video to understand how KidieZone can help your child to get into modeling.

Start modeling kids
Hi, Welcome to KidieZone.com !

India’s biggest online platform for Kids since 18 years !

A platform to show the talent and beauty of your child to the modeling and entertainment world !

A platform to get information about the companies who require kid models !

Everyone says my kid is so cute, can my child be a model? I want to see my child in ads, serials or movies.
Modeling is more than just being beautiful !
To be a model your child should be
– Crazy about being photographed
– Enthusiastic
– Should love dressing up and posing
– Should make plenty of eye contact
– Should be quick in making friends
– Should be confident

Yes my child has all this, so how to get started?
Modeling agencies, advertising agencies and casting directors select kids by looking at their pictures first. Better the pictures, better are the chances of getting selected. So it’s advisable to get a professional portfolio done or arrange some best and latest pictures of your child.

We are considered as one of the best agency to shoot portfolio, please see https://www.kidiezone.com/portfolio-charges/

Once you have the pictures ready, you can add the profile of your child on KidieZone. We will make your child visible to 1000’s of professionals from modeling agencies, advertising agencies, production houses, casting directors etc. If any company likes your child for any assignment they can contact you directly.

Is there any guarantee that my child will get work ?

100’s of models have done a number of assignments through KidieZone, check out our success stories

We provide you information of the companies who need kid models so that you can directly contact these companies.
Companies select whichever child they like best.

KidieZone.com does not promise or guarantee any work. It’s a platform to showcase the beauty and talent of your child to the world.
There is a lot of competition in this industry and it’s the clients who decide whom to select.

How can I add pictures of my child on KidieZone ?
It’s a simple 3 step process to join KidieZone modeling agency
Step 1Register Free !
Step 2 – Login and Click Add Profile, select category and upload few best pictures and details. Make a small payment as mentioned online.
Step 3 – Once your profile is activated, you can see the information of the companies who need child models and contact them directly under Assignments section.

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