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Publicity Platform for Kids in India !

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Kids & Baby Modeling Queries

KidieZone is an online platform to make kids visible to the fashion and modelling world. We have promoted 100s of kid models since past 20 years.

Once you add the profile of your kid on KidieZone, companies can see it and contact you if they like your kid for any project.
To add profile visit – this

We have a work/resources section where companies post their requirements for hiring kid models.
Parents can email the profile of their kid to these companies directly.
See the work/resources section here

We also help you to get a professional portfolio done in Delhi.
For portfolio charges visit here


Everyone says my kid is so cute, can my child be a model? I want to see my child in ads, serials or movies.

Kids modelling or baby modeling is more than just being beautiful !
To be a model your child should be
– Crazy about being photographed
– Enthusiastic
– Should love dressing up and posing
– Should make plenty of eye contact
– Should be quick in making friends
– Should be confident


Yes my child has all this, so how to get started?

Modeling agencies, advertising agencies and casting directors select kids by looking at their pictures first. Better the pictures, better are the chances of getting selected. So it is advisable to get a professional portfolio done of your child.

We can connect you to professional fashion photographer so that you can easily get your kids portfolio done. Please see Portfolio Charges here.

Once you have the professional portfolio ready, you can add the listing of your child on KidieZone. This will give lot of visibility, promotion and publicity to your child. Also, you will be able to access work/resources section FREE. In this section, we have companies, production houses, advertising agencies etc. who might require kid models for their future projects. You will be able to email these companies directly.


I already have nice pictures of my kid. Can I use them to apply for work ?

Yes you can.

If you already have some nice pictures of your child, you can add listing of your child on KidieZone. Once your listing is published, you can visit the work/resources section absolutely FREE for one year and contact the companies who require child models/actors for their requirements.

Let’s get started – add listing of your child now – click here.


What’s the right age to start modelling ?

It is now !

There is nothing called right age. It depends on the requirement and concept of the ad or character. For some ads babies of 3-6 months are required and for some ads they require elder kids. So the age range for kids is from 2-3 months to 14-15 years.


Do we get paid or we need to pay if the child is selected for an assignment ?

You get paid. You DO NOT have to pay anything if your child is selected for a shoot.


How much can we earn in this industry ?

Usually the freshers are paid anywhere from Rs.3000 to Rs.5000 per day of shoot. However once you become experienced you start getting Rs.10,000 to Rs.20,000 per day of shoot depending on the company. There is no upper limit in this industry. Many kid models earn lacs of Rupees per month.

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How to improve the chances of getting work ?

This is a good question.
It is a highly competitive industry and only few get selected. Hundreds of parents compete for just one assignment for their kid. As parents it’s your duty to give maximum exposure to your child. 

To improve the chances of getting selected, first, see the pictures of the kids who have got selected – See this.

Your child might be really good but to get a break the pictures should be super impressive and professional. These pictures should show the talent of your child, the best looks and a variety of expressions. It’s advisable to get a professional portfolio done if you already do not have one.

We work hard to get details of the best companies who need talented kids.
Please see the Work/Resources section.
Many of these companies require kids every 4-6 months. So use the details provided under work section as a database of most useful companies and keep sending them your kids latest profile every 3-4 months. Kids modeling requires patience, networking and consistent promotion.

Lastly, please understand it is the client who decides which kid model to select depending on looks, quality of pictures and the kind of kid that they have in mind for that particular job. KidieZone provides a platform for you to connect with these companies.

So do not loose hope if your child did not get selected for any work. Keep trying ! All the best !


Is there any guarantee that my child will get work if I list on KidieZone ?

KidieZone is an online publicity platform to showcase the beauty and talent of kids. We are the leaders in this industry for past 20 years.

100’s of models have been hired through KidieZone, check out our success stories

When you add the listing of your child on KidieZone, you get FREE access to our work/resources section. In this section, we provide you the details of the companies who hire kid models. As parents, you can contact these companies and deal with them directly to increase the chances of getting work.

These companies select the models depending on their requirement. We at KidieZone cannot guarantee whose child get’s selected.

Please understand it is a very competitive industry and not all kids get work. Even Amitabh Bachchan had to struggle for several years to get a break.

Once payment is done there is no refund possible as it is a digital information access platform. If you have any further query, please contact us.

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