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How can I get my child in modelling ?

Modelling agencies, advertising agencies and casting directors select kids by looking at their pictures first. Better the pictures, better are the chances of getting selected. So it is advisable to get a professional portfolio done of your child.

Once you have the professional portfolio you can add your child’s profile on KidieZone. For details visit https://www.kidiezone.com/join/

After adding your child’s profile, you can access the work section and see the details and contact the companies who require kid models.

I want to get the portfolio done for my child.

If you want to get the portfolio shoot done of your child, we can help you connect to a professional fashion photographer and you can deal with him directly.

For charges and details please visit https://www.kidiezone.com/portfolio-charges/

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For charges visit - Portfolio Charges
KidieZone is an online platform to provide publicity and details of the companies who require kid models.

Once you list your child on KidieZone, you can see the details of the companies and contact them directly through work/resources section.

To list your child for promotion and publicity click Join

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